Clomid 4 dpo


Me and husband been ttc for 3 years. This month is our first month on clomid. I ovulate on my own, they’re hoping it gives husbands little guys more of a chance (morphology is low)

That being said, I have been monitored with ultrasounds and bloodwork since cd 10. I felt when I ovulated before they even told me. And I had 4 large follicles at 19,18,20 & 21mm.

Now I’m 4 dpo and the last 3 Days Iv had back pain. I always have back pain the day I start af. And I always cramp for ovulation, but this pain is diff than any other Iv had. It’s worse when I’m sleeping or laying/sitting down.

And yesterday (3dpo) I started getting super sore/sensitive nipples. My boobs are normal just my nipples. That’s also normal but more around af.

Anyways is the back pain from the clomid? Iv also had cramping but that’s not bothering me as much as the back pain. And it’s waking me up from sleeping.

I KNOW they’re not bfp symptoms cause implantation hasn’t even happened so don’t think I’m fishing for hope. I lost that 2.5 years ago lol