Ladies... I need advice


Ladies, I need your advice. I know I’ll get some negative, but I’m hoping for some helpful.

I’ve been with my husband since I was 16, and I’m going to be 25 this year. We have 2 kiddos together. I can’t put our entire relationship online, just because you’d be reading a novel.

We’ve had good days, we’ve had more than I count count bad days. Truth be told his vices are more than I want to deal with. But I’ve been putting up with them since we’ve had kids. Fast forward 7 years and I’m done. Emotionally I can’t handle it. It’s like he doesn’t care. He has become more rude, disrespectful, and honestly knows that it’s all talk with me.

I WANT A DIVORCE!!!! But I’m nervous. Nervous about telling him. I’ve already had conversations that voiced my concerns about how I feel and where I felt like the relationship stood. And how could we get back to how it used to feel. I’m nervous about being out of my own. I work Sales so for the first time in life I’m willing to take a pay cut and be consistent, so I’m looking for a salaried position.

I feel like a failure! I feel like I failed my kids, I failed my marriage, and I feel like(even though it sounds pathetic) I failed my husband.

I guess the advice I need is, how do you know divorce is right? How will I know it’s not a mistake? And how in the world do I survive as a single parent????????