Family-how to deal


My bf and I will be moving in together this coming spring. We’ll live about three hours from our family, which is no issue except his sister still live at home and their mom has schizophrenia. Well, he just asked how I felt about his sister staying with us for ALL of her breaks(she’s a teacher). I’m not sure how to say no or even suggest she only stay for a few days during each break. I don’t know her all that well and I don’t feel like we really click. I’m 23 and she’s 27/28 it’s not a huge age difference but we never really have much to say to each other when we do get together.

He feels a great load of guilt for leaving his sister with their mom as she’s not as strong mentally. I do feel for her but I will be the one at home ALL day while my hes at work until 5. I will be the one with her and i don’t want to be uncomfortable in my own home. She also told him that she’s scared she’ll never see her niece when we move down there. But my family is going to have to do with only seeing her once a month. Unless of course if they come visit us. I don’t want to be mean and I fear I am overreacting but I don’t do well visitors, even my own sisters. I know it’s still a while away but unfortunately it’s something we’re talking now.

All advice is appreciated.