Baby shower to attent on CD1


Just needing a place to vent since it seemd not many people understand at this point. So I started a new cycle today which of course was dissappointing. I am on my 4th cycle of ttc and I know it is early but I never thought it would take even this long. Its hard enough that it's all I can focus on or think about but today I have to attend a baby shower of a coworker who is due in weeks.

I knew of her pregnancy from the beginning and have since been to a gender reveal, a surprise work baby shower and now a family baby shower.

Although Im happy for her I kind of dont want to hear another THING about HER baby. 😒

I have debated not going and just giving her gift to her at work, but my conscience wont let me.

However All of this baby talk of others is plain old exhausting. I want to hide under a rock.

I wish I would just get my bfp so I can focus on other things in my life other than peeing on a stick and when Im ovulating. !

So Im sitting here eating loads of chocolate, taking a break from all of my "ttc healthy foods" and will probably have a drink soon as well.

Just for today. Heres to CD 1!