Hot for Husband

Last night my friend was over and left our house very late. She lives about 25 minutes away and I always stay awake to make sure she gets home. My husband and I went to bed and he was starting to fall asleep, and for some reason all night I was super horny! All I could think about was him touching me and making me scream and cum like crazy. He started to fall asleep so I said, "we could watch porn?!?" He laughed and said, "Oh, Yeah? If you want too." as his eyes came back open. I said "how about some girl on girl porn?" He was most definitely awake and paying attention to what I was doing with my phone. I found a video of two girls and it started out a little slow but they started eating pussy and I got so hot and wet! My husband started to rub over my panties, rubbing harder and kissing my neck it was making me even more wet. Finally he pulled back my panties and started touch my hot wet juicy pussy, he shoved his fingers in me and started to finger fuck me. I started to moan and he started to rub my clit. That's when I really lost it, watching the girl flick her tongue on the other girls clit, he did that with his hand. I was starting to want his mouth or dick, needing more wanting it. I started begging for it.. "give me your dick, let me have it." He wouldn't let me have it, not yet. He spread my legs open and rubbed me fingered me harder and harder. Almost making me orgasm but stopping and teasing me. Slapping my clit and blowing onto my pussy. I love when he does this. I screamed and moaned more. I tried to reach for his cock, to feel how excited he was. He wouldn't let me grab it, he pulled away and pulled my panties off of me. He started to slap my clit and pussy, making my clit get bigger and ready for him. The video had turned off and my phone was in the ground. He made me cum over and over. He wanted to make me whole body feel it. He pulled my legs apart once again as far as they would go. He went for it, finger fucking my pussy. He flicked my clit and was blowing on my pussy teasing me like crazy. I started to moan more and more. I knew what was coming and so did he. I started to shake and my legs started to really shake. My whole body quivered and shook as I came and covered his hand in my juice, my back arched and my pussy was in the air and his fingers never left it, he said you better cum you dirty girl. Watching those dirty sluts cum makes me want you to cum all over me. He wouldn't stop and I didn't want him too. I came and this time it ended with a orgasm. After I caught my breath.I wanted to please him too. I finally reached over and got his cock out. I was so excited for that cock i love it and I love making it hard. I was going to make him shake and quiver like he did to me. I started to kiss him all up and down his chest and teasing him, not touching his cock yet. i rubbed his balls and could hear his breath get heavy. I knew what he wanted but he couldn't have it yet. I started to rub and tease him more I wanted him to get so hot for it for my mouth on his cock. Finally I licked the tip and he moaned, I knew he wanted his whole cock in my mouth. But I wasn't going to give him the whole thing yet. Just licking and sucking the tip. I'd get him going and stop, I didn't want him to explode yet. It makes me so hot when im in control like that and I wanted it to last a while. I choked on that cock again and again. He said baby that's amazing. I love taking it down as far as I can. I did it and he moaned louder and louder. I grabbed hid balls and took that cock all the way down and he came all down my throat and I gagged as he did it. Filling my mouth with his juice. He blacked out for a moment. I cleaned up our mess and crawled into bed with him. It was so hot, I needed to share. Weve been ttc for about 14 months and havent done anything like this in a long time. I love him and we haven't watched porn together in years. mmm... now I need to go and jump on that big dick and ride it to the moon!