Overthinking the hcg's


Hi. This two week wait is killing me (softly).... I've read many different recommendations with different responses. Be kind, I know I can probably just wait but I'm not great at this and really don't want to screw up anything such as having a drink! First month off birth control in over 13 years. It's like a monster has seriously taken over my body! Had nexplanon for 3 years it was amazing FYI! I'm 30 years old and somewhat over weight and only drink socially (like once a month) and non smoker. I had fun this month but after a few days of thinking my period was coming early (then it didnt come) I used opk to figure out yep apparently my body was ovulating. Everything hurt and oh my apparently sex drive (which was obsolete on birth control) kicked into overdrive. So..the long short question! Sorry everyone... two week wait, is it a longer wait? I know my body is trying to re-regulate lost birth control but if my timing was on technically I should be getting my period in the next day or two... Today is 13ish days from ovulation. All negative tests but no period symptoms. I'm trying to figure out (since no period) if I should have a positive by now or if it's different for everyone and it takes longer for some to get hcg reading or if it just didnt happen this month... which is fine but the whole reason I started on birth control in my teens was because the days before my period and during my period were so horrendous I couldn't go to school and would bleed through layers of clothes... tmi but again trying to figure this out since it's my first month back to "normal" thanks and sorry for the book. :)