Good girl/bad boy


Alright so I’m 14 (15 in a month) and my bf is 16 I recently admitted to myself that I love him. I am 100% aware I’m “too young” to feel love and all that but I really really do love him as much as I can for a teenager. The one problem I have is that he’s a stoner who has kind of a bad reputation and I’m the stereotypical good girl who is top of her class and never does anything bad. I hate the way people look at me when we’re together because I don’t want to be seen like one of those girls he used to take home. I want to be able to tag him in my pictures without being worried my boss will see it and I wanna be able to let him meet my friends but they’re all so prissy I don’t think I can. Any advice??? I’m at a total loss on what to do here