Emotional support around TTC

So I haven't been trying for very long, about 4 months. I've been doing it all- temping, OPK, using preseed, taking prenatals, I even did a full moon ritual this month and meditated with intentions to the universe

But here I am, 3 days til AF is due and sitting here like

because of course I tested too early yesterday and today and got two BFNs. Yesterday was the hardest part because we had to spend the day at my husband's cousins child's birthday. Everyone there who had children was talking about how they were super frustrated that they couldn't go out because they had to "deal with" their "happy accidents" (most of them were single moms who got pregnant unexpectedly). We ended up having to leave because it hurt too bad to watch multiple women complain about their children they never wanted while I'm sitting there like

anyone else having this issue? I feel like the disappointment every month is just too painful to bare!