TTC after Miscarriage.


So, we're trying again!

I have PCOS and thought I'd never conceive without some form of scientific aid (hormones etc)..

in August (24th to be precise!!) we found out I was pregnant! Complete shocker!! I took about 8 home pregnancy tests, different brands etc, including Clearblue Digitial! It was official.. we were having a baby!!

September 15th, our dream ended. I'd experienced bleeding through the week and it all came to a climax, at home, naturally. I was 7 weeks gone - and heartbroken.

I downloaded Glow to help me keep track of our sexual activity, and my period/ovulation dates etc..

I'm a new user, hoping it helps?!!

I'm terrified that we won't manage it again.. if anyone on here who has miscarried, is prepared to offer any words of advice - I'd welcome them!

Equally, how long has it taken you to conceive again? (I know everyone is different).

From a new user, please send all your hopes, prayers and baby dust my way!! We're ovulating currently and actively trying - fingers crossed..