I got back with my ex and it was the best decision I ever made.

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I met my bf as a sophomore in high school, and he was a senior. We dated for 3yrs when I fucked up everything and cheated (I don’t need to hear the hate, I feel it and have to live with my mistakes). It’s been 2 years and I had messaged him earlier this year to make peace with my haunting feelings. We talked a small bit throughout the year and one night about a month ago he asked me to call and we talked and long story short we both realized we still had feelings for each other. The first picture is my message to him when he asked me to be his again.

The second is his response.

He’s such an amazing man and I’ve been blessed to be given another chance. I just wanted to share my happiness bc this man has always been accepting of me and everything I am and he saw all my flaws and mistakes and still chose me. I’m unbelievably happy and grateful. Thanks for reading if you made it this far.