I got it done!

I just want to boast a little bit because I had

220 lessons worth of online courses to do.

I was given a month to do them but to be honest, I completely forgot about them until the last second. They had to be done by Tuesday.

I have really bad ADD, i have meds for it but I avoid taking them for reasons I don't feel like mentioning.

But I was stressing out so bad, my add is so bad that i can be reading something and retain nothing from it. My mind is like in 10 different places at one time, that's my normal.

I can read something and be thinking about something else entirely different. I know right? Wow. Such capabilities.

NO. It makes things like school and studying things so freaking hard and difficult to the point that I get frustrated and give up.

I HAD TO GET THIS DONE. I have no choice, I get it done or I lose my job.

So I took some of my ADD meds in desperation because I was losing my crap trying to stay focused on this. Intuniv.

It's done.

And I got even more done after that, I've started another course.

I'm so relieved now. Wow

So this is a self praise moment. Sucks that I had to take medication to get my shit together but hey i can't change the brain I was given. Atleast there's something that makes it easier.