Would you leave or forgive?

Ok so yesterday I found out my bf of 2 years in December cheated on me about 6 months ago. He came home too drink and his friend invited 3 girls and another guy over. My bf got too drunk and blacked out. So the one friend (which happens to be his cousin that I absolutely hate) convinced him while he was blacked out or knowing what he was doing (not to mention he constantly cheats on his gf) and everyone else to fuck each other. They each fucked only one girl and that was it. He told me when he woke up and his cousin had told him what happened he cried his eyes out and just wanted to forget about it and didn't want to tell me because he didn't want to lose me because he was more in love with me than he he's ever been. He cried while telling me. We had tried for a baby and lost a baby boy at 16 weeks and are now looking for a nicer place to live and we we're getting our lives on track (I'm almost 20 he's 22) I'm just going to just try to put this behind us, I really believe that his fucking cousin did this on purpose knowing the type of person he is considering he's a pathological liar and was even confirmed by a doctor. I love this man so much and we had both been seriously heated on with our past relationship his being 3 years long. So I know he doesn't normally cheat and is a player or anything. If it does happen again though I would then know he really can't control it even after 1 mistake happened. So girls would you take him back if you were in my shoes or would you not be able to do it?? No rude comments.

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