Since we’ve been split


So I haven’t talked to my ex since we offically split. He has text me and called but I haven’t answered. He would send messages calling me names on moment telling me how he’s is going to be okay and how he has a new woman(one of the ones he’s cheated on me with). Then he goes and apologizes. Today he made me upset where I responded to his text and just let him know he made a decision. I removed myself because he couldn’t choose between his hoe or his wife. I’m not an option and I refuse to continue to go through the same stuff when he shows no effort. So I took the car and he now lives with the whore. So I stopped responding again and he told me that he loves me and misses me and wants to talk face to face. I told him he has a woman and I don’t think that’s possible or I don’t wedge myself in between relationships. He responded “I’m not going to entertain that” but why? Then he sent a message saying “i still want you to have my son” I think he is trying to play games because we had been trying for our baby since the miscarriage. That he is pulling on my heart strings. I feel like he isn’t genuine. Idk should I continue the silent treatment and continue to work on me?? I don’t feel like he has learned a lesson at all he’s doing that same thing except we are no longer together so it’s like he’s trying to keep me on the side. I REFUSE! I guess that’s my answer .