Fighting the moment I walk through the door


Just so pissed right now I come home from work a long ass day befor I left I woke up to do laundry and dishes clean the kitchen bath the kids feed them etc.. he sit in the couch to watch football I’m ignored I leave for work a text me a list of food to get from grocery store that fine I’ll do it well it was a screen shot from his notes and it was a long list I saw without clicking the picture got everything came home no hello nothing I’m putting everything away and he goes u didn’t get limes I’m like omg it wasn’t in the list yes it was I didn’t click the picture to see the top food item. He asked for green onion must a been a typo because that what I bought and he meant white onions haha so I’m like sorry I didn’t see it.. his reply is “ your so fucking ignorant u don’t do shit u can’t even get lime when u ask” you’ve got to be kidding mind u I asked him to change the laundry to the dryer didn’t do that for me I didn’t say anything so I dressed my kids yet again took the kids and went back to the short for some fucking lines and onions after working all day so I’m the ignorant wife that doesn’t do shit. He quit his job and has been home for a week doing nothing because I’m stilll cleaning and taking kids to daycare and getting them handled so please explain how I don’t do shit . I’m just pissed I try hard and know I’m supporting the family while he looks for work again but I don’t do shit. Ughhh vent over like he was looking for a fight just don’t even know how to handle it without going off and starting a bigger fight then it need to be like honestly limes I have never bought limes befor why would u want them now