Early vagina ultra sounds


During my first pregnancy I had a vaginal ultra sound at 9weeks 4days. It was beautiful and heathy heart beat. Doctor said he had no worries as everything looked perfect.

I wanted to wait but because I was moving from Alaska to Florida with a 6 day ferry ride and 5300 miles to drive; I wanted to make sure everything was OK before I was oceans away from a hospital. I also wanted to hear a heartbeat and know for sure and tell family as we saw them.

When we got to Seattle (around week 11) I went to the ER and learned I had a miscarriage.

They said the baby had stopped growing at just over 9 and half weeks.

Now I'm afraid to ever have a vaginal ultra sound again.

Thoughts? Do you think an ultra sound can cause a miscarriage?

I know that the doctors deny it....