Im in a sticky situation.. and i need some help


Hello i hope u guys can give me some advice on this.. so me and my husband have been planning for a baby and we have been trying for about 15 days now but we got a big shocker that we might have to move to another city! Which will be very different for both of us financially physically and mentally so we have decided the smartest thing to do it to put the bb on hold because when we do get pregnant we dont want to bring a baby in our relationship when we dont even have time for each other we want atleast 1 of use to be working and still providing not just living off of savings and realizing we are in a huge mess because moving does cost alot and take up alot of time. Since we found out about the news we have been useing protection. And i have been told about a plan B pill but thats only within 72 hours from the last time we had sex. I was wondering if anyone knows of anything that you could take that would prevent from getting pregnant at the time. Plan B may protect from this time but what about the past 14 days. I honestly am 110% against abortion and dont want to have to go through that that is why i am trying to prevent it from happening before i do get pregnant. Dont get me wrong if i get pregnant then i will be forever great full and an abortion isent on the list.but to save all that stress and scary thought of moving and possibly having a miscarriage over stress and over working (like my last pregnancy) i want to be able to prevent it now.

All comments are welcome!!