So we found out we are pregnant. We went to the doctor and they told me I was about 6 weeks. A week later we went to our doctor to get a sonogram (a vaginal one) and the baby was the size of a pea. They told us to prepare for a miscarriage. On top of that I have a UTI and my body doesn’t take well to foreign objects being shoved up my whooha. We came down to visit our parents and I’ve had period like bleeding. We went to the doctor twice and they have said that my cervix is closed and that I could be about 3-4 weeks pregnant due to my beta levels and not 6. They seem very optimistic about they baby being okay but I’m going back tomorrow to see if my levels have went up any. Should I be so worried? At first I was scared shitless but now I’m starting to get a good feeling- which also scares me because I’m afraid I’ll get different news then what I’m hoping for. What do you ladies personally think? Does this sweet baby have a chance?

UPDATE. We are losing the baby. They confirmed it today.

UPDATE. We lost the baby that day.