Confused,could I be pregnant?....TTC after miscarriage


Hello ladies, I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced what I'm currently going through. I had a natural miscarriage 9/23. My last period was 8/20. I spotted brown blood 2 days 10/15 and 10/16 with slight cramping. I am currently 9 days late. Day 7, I had some cramping and came home that evening to find light brown/pink discharge when I would wipe with some small brown clotting the size of a sesame seed. this went on for 2 days. Today is the third day and it's just light brown discharge on and off through out the day with some light cramping and lower back pain. I had alot of symptoms very early last pregnancy and I've not had much of anything yet other than being emotional,hardly sleeping and a bit of a pit at the base of my throat which I had last time that turned into acid reflux. Last HPT was taken on day 7 that morning BFN. So I guess my question is, is this normal after a miscarriage ? Or is it possible I ovulated late and am now experiencing IB? anything is appreciated. baby dust to you allπŸ’œ

UPDATE: The spotting has stopped. I took a cheap test from Wal-Mart using FMU and got yet another BFN.πŸ˜• Still having the pit in the base of my throat and very tired today. I'm trying to stay hopeful, wish me luck ladies!