My grandma visited us :)


Hey everyone, I just wanted to share something that was really interesting to say the least. First of all, my grandma died a little over 5 years ago. I was heart broken since I nursed her back to health right before she went back home, slipped on ice, and died a month later. I felt like if she just stayed with me she wouldn’t have died. She was very stubborn at times and I couldn’t make her stay. Anyway, 5 years later, I’m married and pregnant with our first child (rainbow baby). A few nights ago, I had a dream my husband and I went to visit her at her farmhouse. My husband never met her so this was a very big deal for me. When we said goodbye, she hugged Johnny (husband) and hugged and kissed me goodbye. She never talks when she shows up in my dreams but I always know what she’s saying. She loves both of us and said everything is fine. I didn’t tell my husband about the dream, I have no idea why since I always tell him things like that. Fast forward two days later, me and my husband get into an argument late at night. What we argued about is really goofy so I won’t even mention it. Anyways, I go downstairs and sit on the couch and start crying. My husband fell asleep since it was late. I should mention he didn’t know I was that upset. I watched a couple shows to calm down and realize he never took his medication. I go back upstairs, woke him up and reminded him to take his pills. Before he answered me he said he dreamt about my grandma. I asked him “which one?”. He said “the one who died.” I sat down on the bed next to him and ask him “what happened in the dream?” He told me “we went to her house, and did she live on a farm?” I said “yes she did, her whole life.”. I never really told him anything about my grandma besides she was an amazing women. He asked if she had dark hair, I said yes. Then he asked if she was with a darker skinned man. I said yes, her third husband was part native america. All of her husbands died of cancer. I asked “what did she want?” All he said was I’m sorry we had a fight. I wanted to cry again. I feel like my grandma is watching over me. She truly was an amazing women. Funny thing though, she was never religious and would always just say “I have common sense” when asked about it. One of my dreams though, she showed up and I asked her if she is real right now and does heaven exist? She just looked at me smiling and I “heard” her say “yes” with a little bit of a “no shit” kind of answer. Lol she was like that. I believe I’m having a girl and would like to name her after my grandma. Her name was Grace.