Letting children touch your baby


When my sister gave birth, she didn't want my sister in law's daughters (ages 6 and 4) holding or touching her baby for the first month. My sister in law took great offense to this.

Now I'm in the same position and am not so sure I want any children touching my baby girl either due to potential sickness. Some kids don't even know they're carrying an incubating virus until days later. Am I being paranoid? I just feel like baby girl is going to be so vulnerable at the beginning. I know it will offend my sister in law to not let her daughters touch the baby. I love my sister in law and do not want to make a big deal out of nothing. If they wash and sanitize their hands, what's the big deal if they touch her clothing right?

I'm torn. What are your rules regarding children or anyone near or touching your baby the first month?