Finger food , gaggin, vomitting


Hi Mommies,

I feel like a failure as my little one hates textures.. he is 1 and still eating purees i try little textures and he gags and vommits :( and then m forced to puree and make him eat.. he is already lower on weight scale which is pushing me back for forcing him to eat textures :( .. he is pro in puking now .. he will put his finger in his mouth abd puke.. he started vomitting since he started theethin.. multiple visits to ped .. but he thinks he is fine as he is making good progress on curve of weight height and head circumference also .. in terms of diapers.. he started walking and doing everything else like a pro.. except this eatin part:(

Update: feeling much bettet aftrt seeing all your lovely replies. He is good with lumpy food just avoid granular texture.. so i will keep trying . Have his per appointmnet this thrusday so will

Check with him too...