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Is it possible that I ovulated early this month? My periods are regular so I don’t understand how I could have I’m new to all of this though. I’m confused on why the line was darker on the 28th according to this app my most fertile day is tomorrow so shouldn’t my line for today be darker??? I know that none of these tests are positive I’m just thinking that I maybe ovulated before the 28th this month and didn’t catch it. I also BD on CD 2 this month since I had a very light period ( I only have AF for three days) and did have a really tiny bit of pink in my cm on CD 9 I have never had pink spotting ever I am so confused on what’s going on right now if anyone could give any opinions on what’s going on that would be great I’m so sorry if any of this is confusing I’m just trying to find out what’s going on with my body. Thank y’all so much!