Markita • -Wife to W.J.A, 06/28/14💍 -Mommy to O.J.A, 08/10/16💙 & J.J.A, 03/24/18💙

We’ve got a LIST of names we both love! These are the main ones we like. We’ll be finding out later this week the sex of our new little one. So... I’m just looking for opinions.

BOY NAMES💙- (Joe is the middle name regardless of the first name, my late Uncles name)

Jensen Joe Arnold

Kip Joe Arnold

Brantley Joe Arnold

GIRL NAMES💗- (Rose is also the middle name, husbands grandmas name)

Emma Rose Arnold

Ollie Rose Arnold

Danni Rose Arnold (Danny is my uncle/father figure in my life & I dreamed this name up in girl form)