Fiancee doesnt want me to take pill but doesnt want more kids?

Lauren • Jersey Mama to Faith 💖 Asher 💙 and Hudson 💙

So while I am on board with this, Im kinda surprised my fiancee doesnt want me to take the pill. I just had a baby 3 months ago and while Id be ok with having one more in the future, he has made it clear he is done. We both have 1 daughter from previous relationships and now a son together. My only thought is that he is religious and in his religion they dont believe in birth control. He knows I was charting my cycle so I know when Im ovulating and while Im glad we agree on this sort of BC method, Im still surprised. I think many women can agree with me when I say that charting/the rhythm method isnt always the most reliable. Im ok with it because I chart my cycle, know when I ovulate and cycles are generally regular. I also wouldn't consider it a disaster if something happened and I got pregnant. He was so adamant on no more though so Id think hed want me on some back up birth control. I even had a moment in my head when we were discussing it like does he secretly want one more? Or is it mainly the religious thing? I trust myself and my cycle and Im glad he does too but Im still surprised. I dont want anymore though anytime soon!