Am i wrong.? Should i keep trying?


Okay so i’m in a 4 year relationship but recently i haven’t been feeling him , like we started going out my 8th grade year and his sophomore year of high school and i was so in love with my boyfriend but at first he didn’t really showed he cared , long story short we’ve been through hell and back but now he’s the one into me and always wanting to be with me and telling me i love you all the time and hugging me trying to be all pda but I just don’t feel it anymore and the sex its like i get turned on but it isn’t the same anymore but we have so much history like i still care for him , dont get me wrong he’s a good guy , working and on his sophomore year of college but i just dont feel the same & idk if i should stay and keep trying or just break up with him. He gets along with all my friends and family and i just dont know who to talk to about it , can yhall please help a girl out