To get back together or not get back together???


I recently broke up with my boyfriend. When we first met he was very sweet he approached the way a guy should. We spent our weekends together. He planned dates and remembered what my favorite things were. What I always wanted to we did. We talked about everything marriage and kids. I could feel him slowly pushing away from me and after a while I called it off. After a week or two he finally expressed that he was going through some seriuos things and he didn't mean to push me away and that all he wanted was me. I told him that he needed to get some help to deal with his emotions so it wouldn't happen again. And I made it a point to let him know that it wasn't okay to do what he did. Told him we just needed some time, wanted to get my point across that I wasn't going to tolerate this behavior. Any advice on what I should do? I miss him a lot