Movisse after baby??

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Ok so my s/o and I had sex 3 weeks after I had my little one without protection (I know, dumb move) and while we didn’t finish because babe woke up, I was still worried. I called my OB and she told me I’m extremely fertile so if I wanted to get the Plan B pill it wasn’t a bad idea.

So after a day of contemplating it, I got it. I took it and within 10 minutes I started bleeding as if I got my period. Doctor said it was normal and then the bleeding stopped for 2 weeks.

I ended up seeing some clear mucus about a week ago and I KNEW my period was around the corner (I am exclusively breast feeding so I didn’t expect my period to be here for a while but the Plan B pill basically restarted my period, my OB said). So I ended up getting my period for about 4 days and doctor prescribed me movisse as a form of contraception.

My question is this... has anyone taken it? And what side effects have you seen from it? My biggest fear (and I’m sure most women’s lol) is weight gain.

Any insight is welcome! Thanks mamas!