He asked💍

But is it bad it’s nothing like I told him I’ve dreamed, like complete opposite. I’m like disappointed? How do I move on from this. I wasn’t even excited bc it wasn’t a surprise. Like I knew it was coming. 😕 please don’t bash I’m seriously upset. I do love him so much and ofcourse I said yes but he didn’t even seem to care what I thought. Advice?

***answering questions***

I told him I wanted a photographer. Which he did it in a cute way but I wasn’t surprised at all. He set up his phone and we danced and then he talked and then asked and I just knew it was coming. And this is something VERY important to me. This is a one time thing, and a story that we will share for ever. I made it crystal clear I wanted it to be a surprise and I didn’t want to know anything about it. He did it this way so no one else could take credit for it.


I’m over it lol. I just expected more from him. And he didn’t want it to be great bc he didn’t want anyone taking credit for what he did. I am VERY great full. And very happy to be his fiancé.


Again I am over it, and we WILL be getting married in August. No I am not a child nor am I a spoiled brat. So please keep them to yourself thanks 😊