TTC - when do you talk to your doctor


Hi there

We are TTC #3. We are on month 5 almost on month 6. My AF is due tomorrow. I took a test this morning and of course it’s negative. And I’m feeling a little frustrated that it hasn’t happened yet. At what point of it not happening do you talk to your doctor?

A little background: I know I have taken this for granted but my first two were conceived right away and I’m sure thats where some of my frustrations stem from.

I have been on some form of BC since I was 13 due to heavy, painful, irregular periods. With #1, I just stopped BC and bam. With #2 it felt like it happened

Right away but honestly I was off BC for 6 months while my husband was deployed. It happened with in a week of him being home.

After #2 I choose to use the Mirena IUD as I was told it would likely have the last impact on breastfeeding and for me it did. I only had it for 15 months as I had nothing but problems with it. I had it removed and immediately went back on the pill. I have been on the pill again for 2 years until I stopped it almost 6 months ago. It has been the same pill I have been on before conceiving both kids.