Is this bad?

Okay yesterday I sucked my ex’s dick. We are good friends still so I don’t really consider him an “ex” anymore but that’s besides the point. Anyways. It was really hot and I enjoyed it. He’s only gotten head twice and that was his second time (and my first time giving head) and he said is wasn’t that bad. (So that’s good right?) anyways. He came in the back of my throat which was really hot and I swallowed. But is it bad I REALLY want more? I really want him to cum in the back of my throat again. He came quickly cuz we were in the female bathroom so it had to be fast(lol another detail that doesn’t matter) but he pushed my head down and came and I was like omg I wasn’t expecting it. But like I said: is it bad I want his cum dripping down my throat again.