My husband took money from me.


I am a stay-at-home mom of 2 little boys under 2years, my husband works full-time 5 days a week. Recently I got the opportunity to make some money, his co-worker asked if I could make him a homemade German cake that I made once for his work he said he'd even pay me for it. So I made it, I was kind of excited we've been tight on money and I've been needing pants that actually fit. Today my husband gives me $1 and tells me he spent the money on popcorn and a drink when he went to the movies with his friends... honestly I'm a little heartbroken I feel like I earned that money it was supposed to be mine... my husband said "what happened to it's our money? Do YOU work everyday?" I haven't said anything to him since... Do you think I am justified for being angry? Or do I just let it go?