Do I need to get this checked out?!

So I was told it's normal to have clotting during your period after having a baby and it's been almost 9m since I had her. And I am still getting good sized clots at least once ever month. And always lil ones every month.

I thought I was just starting to get back to normal these past few months, AF was starting to come back every 28 days again, cramps weren't as bad, the flow was getting not as strong. But this last time I was 4 days "late" the first day was very light, and then super heavy with bad cramps and all. So I'm just wondering should I go see my dr. Or is this still normal. And if so how long is it normal for?

1st photo: this is the biggest clot have had since being in the hospital after having my baby. This happened twice today.

2nd photo: this is the normal clothing I get. A little more some days