So on my due date 10/31 we head to the hospital for induction at 4:30 am


So on my due date 10/31 we head to the hospital for induction at 4:30 am. By 7 am I’m settled in with and Iv and cervidil. I was told it’ll be 12 hrs before they check me and see if I’m progressing any. Some cramping and contractions, but nothing I can’t handle. 12 hours goes by and they check me with absolutely no change! Still 1 cm 60% effaced and baby’s head high. Time to put in another dose of cervidil and to wait another 12 hours. So more contractions and waiting. After another 12 hours finally I’m 2cm and 80% effaced. 

Finally time to start pitocin. 5 hours later I’m contracting and given the option of epidural. I wanted to wait a little longer, but was told anesthesiologist needed to do it now or I’d have to wait over 2 hrs so I got it. 

Over the next few hours my contractions are closer and harder even though I only feel tightening at this point. Checked at 10 pm and I’m at a 5. Around 12 Thursday morning, I’m feeling every contraction on the left side only and I’m crying in pain. They turn me to that side and give me an extra dose of epidural meds. After 20 minuets still no relief. The nurse decides to check me before calling the anesthesiologist. I was at a 10 and ready to push, finally!! 

We were shocked that I dilated 5 centimeters in 2 hours. The nurse breaks my water as I’m pushing and 15 minutes of pushing and the nurse asks if I want to feel the babies head, of course I said yes and it was so amazing and emotional I cried! Then I’m told to stop pushing since we have to wait for the dr! That was the hardest thing ever to hold back pushing through 5 or 6 contractions! 

Dr shows up and I’m pushing again. 10 minutes later and the baby’s head isn’t coming out. Then they can’t get her heartbeat. So, dr says I need to get her out now, I’ll need to do an episiotomy. As soon as she cuts me baby’s head is out and I’m pushing like crazy to get her the rest of the way out. At 12:58am on 11/2 baby Gianna Noelle is born with perfect algae scores weighing 7lbs 14 oz and 19.5 inch long! We are so in love! Spent the next hour skin to skin and musing for the first time. What an amazing experience!