venting stuck in bed


so i had to go to the er last night for severe pain in my back and abdominal area. my original drs apt cobfirming my pregnacy was 3 weeks ago in which i was told i was 7weeks along... last night the not only informed me that my baby is showing to be 6weeks but the heart beat was only 80bpm which is very low. praying that is beacuse of how dehydrated i was because thats what was causing the pain apparently. so now im on bedrest for the next 2 days and have another ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow. this is my second pregnancy. i have a beautiful 5 year old daughter who is very excited to be a big sister. i am terrified right now. it will be devistaing to my fiance me and my daughter is this pregnancy doesnt last. according to my dr im not built to carry a baby and my 1st pregnancy was hell o was bedridden the whole time sick as a dog from conception to birth. now i am a working mom i cant afford to be in bed until the end of june. idk what to do anymore