Christmas In July!!!

So here’s a bit... AF was supposed to arrive on October 30th. Hubby and I were not trying not preventing and letting God do his thing. We were planning on TTC officially January 2018. Buuuut... the monthly prescription was 6 days late. No symptoms other than being late until yesterday when my boobs were like

Like no Joke. No other symptoms. So I just thought I was having another anovulatory cycle and/or late because of PCOS. But The Hubs was getting a little curious and has been bugging me at least twice a day every day to see if I had started.

I was laying on the couch earlier because, okay, maybe one other symptom...

Exhaustion!!! But still was feeling out. All the women in my family get suuuuuper pukey right away and that’s how they know. So I was feeling like nope!

But my wonderful husband of 5 years comes and asks again... same answer here... so he asks if I want to go buy a test. And I’m like 🤷🏼‍♀️. We stop by Fred Meyers an hour later, run a few errands, come home, and as he is walking the dogs I pee in a cup and dip!

He walks in less a minute later, DEAD SERIOUS!! I hold up the test from across the room, and he’s like 👍🏻👎🏻And I turn into a complete blubbering mess like

“We’re having a Baby!!!!”

He was so freaking excited and started crying and hugging me, I just melted!

We are over the moon!!! And Can’t wait for our Christmas in July!!!

Super Strong Lines after 30 seconds!!!

Prayers for a happy healthy 9 months and baby dust to all!!!!