It was wild and hot!!

Tonight was very amazing got home from work cause I️ do get off late. When I️ came in my bedroom. I️ saw candles lights up but my hubby was not in the room so, I’m like where is he in my mind anyways I️ walk to the bathroom to see him laying in our bath 🛀 with more candle lights and he said come and join him so I️ did. He started to rub up my skin. Take his hands run in through my hair kissing on my neck 😋😜and everything. I’m like what’s going on he’s never like this, yes we have good love but this was so much more amazing. So I️ got out the bath he give me and he dry me off put me on the bed carrying me to the bed naked as I️ born. Lay me started with my toes kissing, 😘😘my legs and u knows what else. I️ started to hold on to the sheet of the bed so tight I️ pulled it off. When I️ think that when u cum once u would never think u can come again that fast he give me all of him tonight he put my legs up over his shoulders 🙃🙃and the feelings was so incredible I️ never know I️ had a G spot 👀but I️ really feel it tonight. After making love he came in the room with two 🥂 and say to me that tonight is the night and that I️ will have his baby. Never cross my mind he wanted to have any kids. 😱😱 so wish me luck on my baby journey. 😁😁