Prayers, Hope, and wishes for my sweet baby girl! please and thank you!o.o


So my water ruptured and i was leaking since Friday well Thursday night I didn't know it was my water cause never fully popped a f I never seen the plug,well i thought the leaki mg was pee from all the pain, and pressure of her on my bladder, well i didn't know and I was to scared to tell my mom cause It could of been me peeing myself, well i

finally told her on Sunday and she freaked and was like get matt up no you need to go in, well we when in at 340 am they start running test then ommint me and I wouldn't dilate I stayed at a 2.5.. at around 9 pm the doctor tells me she is stuck and I'm not dilating and I need to go to c_section before it's emergency, well they got me prepped, and I could still fell so they had to give me more meds for the pain and stop the puking well i start blacking out :/ well my daughter is having trouble breathing so I have barely seen her!!! her lung is deflated... please wish and our pray for my beautiful baby girl to be okay all I know is she's was born at 10.55 and she weighs 5 lb 4.5 oz on 11/05/17!! I get to see her in the morning!!!

update!!! we get to hold her and she's eating tho a tube but we are just happy she finally can eat and she is finally off the morphine which the second they told me she is off of that was the best thing ever it killed me knowing she was on that strong of pain meds! my baby girl is slowly getting better and she is definitely knows when mom and dad are around!