Maybe baby?

Last af started 9/17 due to birth control. I️ started my bcp a week late for October and still haven’t had my period. My lower back and hips have been killing me. I’ve been cramping like af was coming but instead I️ just have gas and burps. And I’m crying typing this because I’m making myself crazy. My hubby has been telling me the past two weeks that I️ “feel” different down there during sex, (a good different) he says. And he has even started coming up with baby names because he keeps telling me I️ am pregnant. I️ have started taking vitamins so I️ can get all the good stuff just in case. We were talking to his cousin yesterday and out of the blue she says “when are you guys gonna tell me Keyia is pregnant?” We both acted clueless though then she follows up by saying “well I’ll be here when y’all are ready to share the news.”

I️ took two tests one looked negative and one looked like this:

Can someone give me encouragement or advice. I️ need something ladies, I’m going crazy.