Drama/Sadness Overload

My hubby and i are splitting up. only been married 3 months. we are splitting because he wants to get back with his baby momma. me and her are cool with each other and she doesn't mind me being around her daughter. she even told me she doesn't intend to get back with him ever & they've been dealing with a custody case for a month now. I caught him a couple of times telling her he loves her and wants a chance at being a family again...even though she told me he treated her like crap compared to how treats me. she thinks I'm pregnant and told me she's going to put him in his place once and for all & that if I want to be with him after evrything is settled she'd be happy for us...can I trust him?

Last night he was drinking and basically told me this is the end for us that this isn't a bump in the road its the end...& then to pack up my things and go back home. he kept saying he doesn't want me to leave nor let me go. then he told me lets keep living for a year. after all that, he asked me to sleep next to him which I did...he gives off a lot of warmth and I have a weak immune system so I welcome it. even though he was drunk I'm sure he remembered that he ended everything with me because he slept on the floor and when I went to join him...good 3 hrs later he slept on the bed and away from me and would even push my arm or leg that I wrapped around him unconsciously off of him.

I have been vommitting for a while now. probably stressed induced which would be a 1st. I haven't gotten my period in 2 months light bleeding here and there but not period bleeding, but all my test keep coming negative...I'm scared if in a couple months I do end up showing positive and thinking if I should even tell him or not. someone help. idk what to do. I love this man that's why I took the leap of faith and he's just tossing me aside now...

update...he's acting all lovey dovey . apologized for everything and me and the baby momma talk more & she gave me her blessing if I stay married to him, but I still feel like I can't fully trust him.