Please share your story...


My husband and I lost our son, John Richard, on September 6th. He was born on September 5th. We were so blessed to have our angel for one day. Saying we were excited to become parents is an understatement. We could not wait for November 24th...his due date.

On September 5, I felt like something was not quite right..he wasn't moving as much as he had been. I drank ice water, laid down quietly..trying to feel him. Nothing. I decided to go to my doctor to hear his heartbeat..I was trying not to panic- but I was terrified. The doctor was able to find his heartbeat- but it was so fast...too fast. She sent me to the hospital to do a longer fetal monitoring. Within minutes of me being there, they realized his heartbeat was dropping drastically. He was in distress.

Within an hour of being at the hospital, I was delivering him via emergency c-section. This was not what we planned- this was not the delivery I'd knew we would have..but at that moment, I didn't care about anything except getting him out so we could make him feel better- so we could help him. I never imagined something like this could happen.

John had a fetal stroke, no one knows why. My pregnancy was perfect, he was perfect. We are still waiting for more answers and tests from the NICU doctor..hoping to get more information next week...waiting is excruciating. Absolutely nothing makes sense.

I just found this community today and already feel less alone.

I'm so sorry for all of the pain and sadness we have all faced and arbe facing. We have a long road, but it's less lonely surrounded by others. I would love to hear the stories of your angels. Please share them?