Help? TTC question.


Any thoughts or advice? I was supposed to start my period 11-7-17. I started having some heavy bleeding first thing 11-5-17. Today, 11-6-17, it's hardly anything. I have noticed though that this has occurred 6 or 7 days after the last time my husbaand and I had sex and 2 days before my regular period. Also my breasts are super sore, I've had cold like symptoms going on 2 weeks, nausea, I want to eat way more then I usually do (feel like I'm still starving right after I eat), pee very often, fatigue, gassy, get winded, want to sleep all the time, cramping, moody, I can be freezing one minute and burn up the next, I sleep really hard at night like coma sleep, etc. What should I do? Should I take a pregnancy test and when?