No period since August, negative test?


So. I’m getting married in 6 months...aaaaannnnd My last period start date was August 19th, literally haven’t gotten it since. 😐 I took a pregnancy test last week and it came up negative, however today I have been so nauseous and just feeling like crap. It has me freaking out!!! I am really stressed out with wedding things, and 2 of my very close family members being extremely, extremely sick...There has been another time where my period skipped a month due to stress but never this long. Help! Should I take another test?... also this freaks me out if I’m not pregnant because all I’ve ever wanted was to have kids, and I feel like this is clearly a bad sign if my period is so inconsistent like this. Any advice would be helpful ❤️

PSA: My insurance changed and there is no gynecologist remotely close to where I live to go to...not to mention they all have horrible reviews. ugh.