I have a little one that's 11 months old. I have breast-fed her since she was born, and occasionally have given her bottle with formula with about 4 ounces a day. Which I was really happy with that routine because I could give her a bottle in the car, at parties, at stores and she would take it fine!

For some reason about two weeks ago she stopped wanting the bottle I have tried everything, from sippy cup, to the cup with the straw and she will not take the formula anymore or my milk pumped.

She will fuss and cry until I give in for the boob! I will let her cry and cry and cry and tried to give her the cup but she grabs it and throws it!!

I don't know why out of the nowhere she just stop taking the bottle and I want to know if this is happening or has happened to someone before!!!

I'm desperate and any tips will help me!!

She eats food now and will take the boob when she's feeling really sleepy but no formula or milk!!!

Tips please!!!!