Pumping at work


So I finally called my teachers union today to ask about how I go about requesting the space and time to pump at work for my daughter. She will be 14 months when I go back to work in January. I don’t want to wean her at all and allow her to do it on her own. I asked the lady if she’s ever had anyone ask her this question and she said no, most people wean before they return to work but she said not to worry as I am protected by law, I work for a progressive school division and the union will take care of anything if they give me trouble. I’m still SO nervous.... I don’t know a single person who pumped at work past a year and I know the division won’t give me any trouble but will other staff and parents? Will people think “oh she just wants out of recess duty”... to me it’s such a personal thing, providing my daughter with milk and I’d be very upset if someone said something about it. Has anyone pumped at work past a year? I really need encouragement 😊