Is it rape? (Long and explicit)

So I met this guy at a lounge a couple weeks back and I asked him yesterday if he was down to help me get drunk as shit cuz I was having a bad weekend. He agrees we meet up start drinking in his car. He tried to kiss me a few times, kissed me on my neck but I always pushed him off. He’d ask like when was the last time I’d done anything I’d say about a month. After a bit when I’m pretty drunk he has me come to the back seat and he starts like cuddling me n shit. His hand starts going down my shirt and he starts grabbing my boobs and I’d push him off ask him what he was doing, tell him to stop. He’d stop then he sat me up and his hand went down my pants and he starts fingering me and like pushing my hand to his dick making me rub it n shit. I told him to stop I said I didn’t want to that it wasn’t right tried to pull his hands out. He’d stop and then he’d do it again. I said I thought I should go home and he finally gets out goes to the other side to help me get out of the car and then he tries to put his dick in my pants. I pushed him off again told him to stop he helps me into the front seat tries to finger me again I tell him to stop he finally drops me off. The entire time I was so out of it I couldn’t stop laughing like I’d tell him to stop push him off and then I’d start laughing cuz I was pretty wasted. Does it count as rape? And like, what do I do about it if so? I feel violated and used like I should’ve known better but I dunno