Sexting📱💕 long story

Madison • 19🎂 Taken💏 ECE👩🏻‍🏫

I woke up Saturday morning really horny. So naturally I texted my boyfriend a good morning text. Then we started talking about self pleasure. We are an extremely open couple and can talk about anything. After a while I started getting aroused and so was my boyfriend. Pretty much the whole day I was messaging him things I wanted to do to him. Like take his dick and suck on it, making him cum so I can lick it up. After a while he wasn’t texted me back so I wanted a couple hours for him to reply. He came back with “Oh my lord, so hot!”. Later on in the evening, I decided to send my boyfriend some naughty pictures. He loved them and returned the favour of sending me some naughty videos. Needless to say my boyfriend to excited to see me on Tuesday. I better stretch before he comes over.