I need help!!


Hey ladies!! I’ll try not to vomit everything out at once so you can understand my language LOL.

I am engaged to my best friend! Yay! He is incredible to me and I love him so dearly. Honestly would take a bullet for the guy.

So... get to right to it. Sex. We hardly have ANY! We could go 4 months without any. And I’m raging inside. I am SO attracted to him. And sometimes I wear a slip on for bed. I wear short PJ’s around the house. I basically wear clothes that are flirty. And I get nothing. Usually when he’s been drinking (we go out to a party or have people over) which maybe is once a month or every couple months. That’s when I get lucky! But we have done it without him drinking. (Our engagement trip was huge) we took a ten day trip to a wedding and he proposed day one, so basically for almost ten days straight. We were getting lucky!!! And it was fantastic!

From what he’s told me, his past ex’s have put him down. Made him feel not special. I guess they didn’t have the Patients for him. I know how special and great he is. And I say nothing but great things.

What can I do to get out sex lifes rocking?! I’ve never been the Initiator..... friends have told me to be and/or talk to him. But knowing him he will feel attacked.

A little info, I’m 29, and he’s 43. We get married this coming June, yay! My body is raging and we agreed to have kids right after the wedding. But holy man! This woman needs her man right now.

What do I do ladies?!?