Teen mom

Bree • Mommy to a 5 year old boy & due with boy number 2 in December 💙💙

Because I’m bored out of my mind on bedrest... I’ve been watching teen mom. I love other people’s opinions on things because I feel like it opens my mind to other ideas I might not have thought about before. Sooooo....

Jenelle on teen mom. We all know she was a wreck (still is?) since the beginning of the show. Right now she’s engaged (again) and about to be getting married. She just had her third child last year or so and is now asking her mother to give her back her first son. Her mom doesn’t want to give him back, she says “I’ve had him for forever I have to think about his best interests”. Because of this Jenelle is no longer on speaking terms with her and has disinvited her to the wedding. What’s everyone’s opinions on this? Should Jenelle get her child back? Should he stay with his grandma?

Editing done due to missing information!!

Also wanted to add my opinion...

I think jace needs to stay put, and I hope for her other children’s sake she gets her life even more together.