Would you be upset?


So my husband and I got into a tiff earlier, and this time I seriously almost left him. We've been TTC since September with no luck yet (AF is currently visiting 😬). Back when he was 17 and in Job Corps, some guys kicked him in the nuts over 20 times with steel-toe boots (he was held still, so he couldn't fight back). The doctor told him he has a 50/50 chance of being sterile.

Now this is what caused us to fight — he asked if I would be willing to sleep with another man during my next fertile window and get pregnant. My exact reaction 👇

I straight up BAWLED my eyes out, I'm so freaking hurt by this 😭 Back in 2015, I had promised myself that the next time I was going to have a baby, I was going to get married too. No exceptions. I had a child with my highschool sweetheart with that same logic, and we were engaged 3 different times with full intentions of getting married. I understand that he may be never be able to father a child naturally, but I'd already come to terms with that. The only way I'd ever consider is if the other man would be willing to get me pregnant AND give up all parental rights, and I highly doubt there's anyone like that on Earth. What do you ladies think? I'm at a loss right, it just doesn't feel like it would end well for anyone 😭😭

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