The Soft Cup method?

Hello ladies, this will be a month 14 trying to conceive with donor sperm. My husband is trans (ftm). Just like me I am sure there are women out there who cannot use their husband's sperm to get pregnant and same sex couples who use donors. We are literally at our end, with money to be honest, for fertility clinics because our insurance will not cover it therefore it is all out of pocket. We don't want to give up with our dream of having a family together. So I have been doing research and read some couples have success doing the a "turkey baster" method and the soft cup method. Has anyone here had any success with that? What is it that you did if you had any success? It's starting to feel like it will never happen for us. Since I am young, have good health and no issues I never thought it would be this difficult. Any advice out there? Any success stories?